RHSSA Webinar

3 November 2023



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Capturing 21st century debates on Southern Africa

By the late 20th century devoted debates on Southern Africa related to the Mfecane aftermath; ethnicity; tribalism; violence; human origins; socio-economic wellbeing challenges such as rural poverty; HIV/AIDS and women-headed households as well as contested paradigms in redistributive land reform. Other debates that also prominently surfaced were homosexuality and varieties of gender studies. The 2nd webinar  of the Regional History Society for Southern Africa (RHSSA) aims to focus on some 21st century debates in Southern Africa.  In many instances some older debates (like Christianity, economic developments, gender and race) seemingly continue, while environmental issues as well as education and training towards Africanised (away from colonial embedded) contexts remains vibrant.  Other debates like regional “otherness”, minority histories and rural, urban, local or/and regional histories still require more attention in strengthening the historiography of Southern Africa.  It is the wish of the Steering Committee that the 2nd RHSSA webinar will further instil debate on phenomena, places and the people of the region.     

Keynote Speaker

Prof. Neil Parsons



Southern Challenges to South African History

Prof. Neil Parsons, Former Professor of History at the University of Botswana, South Africa. Co-author with Prof. Alois Mlambo (University of Pretoria) of A History of Southern Africa (2019), amongst a range of other historical publications.


  • Towards writing a history of Southern Africa
  • The state of the history and historiography of Southern Africa
  • Revisiting the history and historiography of Southern Africa
  • Debates on minority histories in Southern Africa (For example: ethnic, linguistic, social minorities)
  • Subcultures and ‘otherness’ in the region
  • Rural, urban, local, and regional histories
  • Connecting a regional past to the present and the future
  • New scholarly directions for 21st century Southern Africa
  • Considering a transformed and Africanised history teaching for Southern Africa
  • Any other topic related to the conference theme, viewed from a historical or historiography perspective

Webinar Coordinator:

For any inquiries contact Mrs. Yolandi Strydom

E-mail: [email protected]

RHSSA Steering Committee and Webinar Organisers:

Prof. Elize S Van. Eeden (North-West University)

Prof. Gerald Groenewald (University of Johannesburg)

Dr. Alfred Tembo (University of Zambia)

Dr. Shokahle Dlamini (University of Eswatini)

Dr. James Hlongwana (University of Zimbabwe)

Dr. Claudia Gouws (North-West University)

Dr. Tshepo Moloi (University of Johannesburg)

Mr. Emile Coetzee (North-West University)