Regional History Society of Southern Africa

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Vision & Mission

  • The Regional History Society of Southern Africa (RHSSA) is a non-profit professional society that’s concerned with regional history,  particularly of Southern Africa. It is a non-governmental organization created in order to promote the importance of regional history through international cooperation.
  • The RHSSA aims to serve as a scholarly voice and platform for consolidating African historians,  especially of Southern Africa.   
  • The RHSSA envisages to create a space for instilling (and disseminating) specific and comparative local and regional history debates as part of a process of decolonising its dormant thoughts from mainly other continental spheres. Cultivating a scholarly creativeness (in historiography and in method),  as well as in teaching tertiary History in the region will be part of an effort to meaningfully Africanise. Yet with a conscious purpose to simultaneously be embracive of global intellect and theory. These should gradually display its value in broader (transnational) contexts.
  • The RHSSA envision to focus on  research questions that connect time and space (history and regions) on any scale (from localities to international level).
  • The RHSSA aims to proactively embrace the spirit of decolonizing education practises in History, and to engage in scholarly research in this region (whether from  a micro to macro demarcated or borderless view). 
  • In regional history, regions are understood as evolutionary processes. Borders, belonging, localities, and minorities are potential but not the only subjects of research.
  • The RHSSA will cooperate with  institutions, governing bodies and multidisciplinary scholarly experts whose work is historically related.
  • Evidence of any research are disseminated on various platforms (Scholarly publications; company/institutional and government reports; Internet as well as scholarly and user-friendly historical sites, locally and regionally).


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